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It’s important for content creators to have access to tools that make it easy to implement new stuff, be it models, textures, quests, levels, or anything really. This week I began work on creating these tools and putting all together into one interface. The design might still be ugly, but it’s all programmer art until I can find some artists. Each tool will have a variety of buttons and fields to adjust, allowing for content creators to tweak things to their liking but remain within the scope and capabilities of Project Peril’s core engine. With this in place I can soon start working on questing and dialog systems, and I can also begin putting together some basic levels and figuring out how to add in monsters and interactable objects such as chests, or whatever else you might find in a dungeon crawling Action RPG.

In last week’s blog I mentioned a bug in the netcode which had me bamboozled for a few days.  After a lot of irritation and tedious debugging I was able to solve the problem, now it seems the netcode is well optimized and running fairly smooth.  Hopefully it stays that way

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