[Multiplayer ARPG] A* unit avoidance, improved loot & equipment backend

Published by July 14, 2017 11:43 pm Leave your thoughts Category:

I converted what was left of my C#/NLua scripting implementations to XLua and rewrote many of the Lua scripts to be faster, better, and more readable. The purpose of this is to make scripting as easy as possible outside of the programming/development environment, and the purpose of doing that is to make it really fast and easy for designers to create skills, zones, items, stats, abilities, monsters, and heroes. All of this low level programming might be slow and tedious now, but I’ll be thanking myself in the future when it comes time to create the content of the game, and any potential players will be happy to see that game and balance updates (or even DLC) will come often with minimal overhead.

I also did some more work with the A* pathfinding implementation. Heroes and monsters will now walk around each other, and it is possible for doorways and whatnot to be blocked if there are too many monsters standing there.

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