[Multiplayer ARPG] Abilities & Work

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I spent the first couple of days this week working on a system for handling abilities. The ability tree may be much like Diablo 2 where each ability requires not only a minimum level, but the abilities leading up to it must also be unlocked. Each time a hero levels an ability point will be given.

The bulk of the coding I did was back-end stuff, nothing to show really, but I got it to where abilities are handled via Lua, much like monster AI and item generation. The more logic I pass over to Lua, the easier it will be to add content and tweak/balance the game later on.. whereas if its all handled within the core engine (which is developed in Unity3d with C#) I would have to recompile the game every time I want to make adjustments. It’s much like modding, drop in a script and the game loads it up and executes the code.. no compiling, no restarting, no hassle.

I spent the other half of this week at work, we just finished up a roof and I’m not sure if we have any further jobs for next week so maybe I’ll have plenty of time to work on Project Peril.

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