[Multiplayer ARPG] Exponential Growth Leveling

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This week I implemented a way to grant experience to players when monsters within a specific distance of them are slain. I then realized I need an algorithm for level progression, and unfortunately I’m not a math wizard, so it took me a decent amount of time to learn and implement an exponential formula. I also learned a bit about excel and plotting graphs.

In the featured image of this post you can see the leveling progression I have come up with. This isn’t a permanent thing, it will be tweaked in the future during the play-testing stages. The blue line marks the amount of experience required for each level, the red line marks how much experience is required to reach the next level as opposed to how much experience was required from the previous level. I think this is a good starting point for experience progression, and a good place for me to learn a little bit more about algebra.

I also came up with a formula for determining experience penalty for players who are slaying monsters that are either too low or too high level. If monsters are within 4 levels of the player there is no penalty. For each level of difference after 4 there is a 10% penalty. So if a level 95 player is slaying monsters in a level 88 zone he will gain 30% reduced experience, assuming the non-penalty range is 95 +/- 4, that leaves us with 3 levels of difference that will invoke a penalty. This formula is also likely to change during play-testing.

I also worked a bit on character animations and whatnot, but have nothing to show just yet.

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