[Multiplayer ARPG] Models, animation, eye candy

Published by May 25, 2017 9:30 pm Leave your thoughts Category:

I worked on something interesting this week. I implemented a feature to spawn models and control animation states for heroes and monsters. The model you see in this post’s featured gif is just a dummy model, but it showcases the feature well. I also added a thing that outlines monster models when you hover over them and a dummy UI in the top center that shows the name and health of a highlighted monster.

After doing all that it was a good time to work on back-end combat. I scripted a quick and dirty Punch ability and implemented a way to attack and kill monsters with it. Things are really starting to come together. Next I will tie in systems that handle dropping generated loot and granting experience upon a monster’s death, then after that perhaps questing and dialog, then maybe after that the only thing that will be left is level design, models, art, etc., and Project Peril will begin to look like a real game.

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