[Multiplayer ARPG] Networking refactor update, html & css powered interface

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Last week I posted about having to refactor my client’s networking code.  It ended up being a little more work than expected as I had to refactor some of the core server code as well, but it’s starting to look pretty good.  During the refactoring I decided I didn’t want to stumble around Unity’s interface tools anymore and set out to find something new and better, and I came across PowerUI.  PowerUI is a html/css rendering engine developing for Unity, it also supports a javascript-like runtime language and easy to access via c# as well.  PowerUI gives me the freedom to do lots of cool things with the interface without making things complicated and fragile.  Having UI tools that I am comfortable working with will allow me to create really cool interfaces.  Of course I need to find UI art and come up with nice designs, but the possibilities are there.

Login & Lobby client and server are almost complete as far as the refactoring process goes, and the game client/server shouldn’t take too much longer.  This refactor was necessary as it will make it easy to separate the 3 servers and client, and it will also make it easy to work with gameplay networking, allowing for a smooth implementation of lockstep and predictive models.

Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath launches today, and Project Peril may be in limbo for some time.  Just a heads up for any readers :^)

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