Procedural Dungeon Generation

[Multiplayer ARPG] Procedural Dungeon Generation

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When I started developing Project Peril I decided on a static world that is to be created by a level designer. I figured adding procedural generation on top of networking, item generation, and basically everything, would be too much for me to handle alone. Well, this week I decided that is no longer the case. I’ve made a lot of progress on Project Peril, and I have a bit of freedom to work on new big features such as procedural map generation. This week I started on just that. The featured image showcases an interior dungeon generator, one of three that will be included in the final product. The other two generators will handle layouts that are akin to outdoor plains and murky caverns.

White represents the floor, gray represents bordering walls, blue represents doorways, yellow represents corridors, and the green and red blocks represent (respectively) an entrance and exit.

EDIT 6-11-17

The map generation algorithm I initially programmed is a bit rudimentary for the needs of a proper Action RPG. I will be doing lots of studying in order to develop a map generator as powerful as the likes of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. It will be based on the paper Automatic Generation of Dungeons by David Adams, which you can find Here.

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