[Multiplayer ARPG] Scripting Performance

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I’m uptight when it comes to performance. This week I spent some time profiling both NLua and MoonSharp to determine which would be best for Project Peril. NLua is what I initially had implemented, but it turns out MoonSharp is slightly faster for my case. MoonSharp also offers cool features for sandboxing scripts so modders can’t go crazy and mess everything up. So, I’ve been spending time porting all my NLua implementations over to MoonSharp and coming up with even more optimizations along the way, and I’m just about done. If there’s one thing I’m going to get right with Project Peril it’s buttery smooth performance.

Pretty soon I will need to begin working on server/database communication to store accounts, characters, etc., and then questing and dialog systems. With these features in place Project Peril may start to look like an actual game. Until then, I’ll continue to post weekly development updates even if they bear little to no fruit.

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