[Multiplayer ARPG] Still hacking away at the netcode refactor

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Not a whole lot to brag about this week. I played a few matches of DOTA2 and I must say, DOTA2 has a very nice user interface. It’s very crisp, clean, and provides a very nice user experience. I became inspired to work on Project Peril’s interface, and hacked away for a few hours getting PowerUI to behave nicely. Previously, some interface elements were not pixel perfect. For instance, the border around a panel was sort of blurred or messed up. I dug down and found out why that was happening, fixed it, now all of the interface elements are looking sharp. That alone isn’t going to make a beautiful interface, but it opens up the doors for that high quality look and feel. The biggest downside to maintaining a pixel perfect UI is labor – previously I used a function to easily zoom in or out to support different resolutions, but now I will need to hard-code a variety of things to support different resolutions. I think I’ve come up with an efficient way to handle this problem, and it’s not going to be some crazy amount of labor to have a pixel perfect interface across different aspect ratios and resolutions.

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