[Multiplayer ARPG] User Interface QoL and Debugging

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This week I implemented QoL features to the user interface so players can slam hotkeys and smoothly navigate around the UI. Some UI panels might take priority over others and display in front, some might block input in certain ways as to not interrupt the purpose of the UI. Pressing escape will consecutively close out of UI panels in the opposite order they were opened, for instance if you open your inventory then the chat box, press escape once to close the chat box, press escape twice to close the inventory. If no UI panels are open upon pressing escape, the Escape UI will appear with some buttons to press.  There’s not much else to say on this topic as it’s quite an expected feature of gameplay, but even simple features like this take time to create and implement.

Apart from that, I worked on optimizing some of my old networking code and found a few bugs along the way.  One bug in particular I’ve been trying to figure out for a couple days now, it’s difficult to track down because it only happens when a second client connects to the server.  This requires me to build both the server and client separately then run a 2nd client from within Unity every time I need to see a stack trace, so it’s definitely a slow and tedious process.  I might have to implement something to speed up the process of multi-client debugging.

Any art and design presented in screenshots and videos is purely placeholder/programmer content. It is not necessarily a representation of what the final product may be.

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