Peril MOBA [#1] – A not so fresh project

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I’ve been on a hiatus from posting public updates regarding my progress in development. My latest post was about how Project Peril, the ARPG, has been postponed. I could continue working on an Action RPG game as initially planned, but my biggest concern is that I won’t have something presentable for another few years. Thus, I came up with the idea to create a MOBA. Gameplay is quite similar for MOBA & ARPG games, the only difference really is that one allows you to explore a world while the other constrains you to an area against other players. Because these genres have many similarities, I am able to use the existing codebase of Project Peril, and all the work I’ve put towards it will not go to waste.

# Netcode

Before I made the switch to Peril MOBA, I made many improvements to the core netcode. Since the time of my last devblog (roughly 1 month ago), I have made a ton more improvements to the netcode, along with some drastic changes to the Lobby client & server to allow for parties and pre-game lobbying.. the sort of features you would expect in a competitive team-based game. In fact, you can see a demonstration of those changes right here.

# Moving ahead

Now that I have a functional lobby system in place I plan to work on structured gameplay. As soon as the game starts you will be introduced with a hero selection interface, when everybody has selected a hero they spawn in their team’s base, and the match begins shortly after. When some win conditions are met, a team is victorious and everybody returns back to the lobby.

The fun thing about making gameplay work is that it will be handled via Lua script. This opens up the possibility for a variety of game-modes and maps, and maybe even user-modded content. Most of the functionality is already there for modding, I just need to put it all together in a neat way and make sure it’s all clean and functional.

There’s a lot of work to do yet, and despite my hiatus I’m still making progress. I’m going to try to return to the habit of posting a new blog every Friday. Doing so helps me stay ambitious and kind of forces me to come up with new content, so it’s very progressive towards development.

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