[Multiplayer ARPG] Dungeon Generation in a usable state

Published by June 24, 2017 12:48 am Leave your thoughts Category:

Dungeon generation is now in a usable state. Unfortunately I am forced to re-write some of my old pathfinding code. Not because it’s bad, but simply because it’s not going to work up to my standards with the new dungeon system. This won’t be too big of a task, though, I spent a few hours on it today and already I’m about half way there. If you want to see the new dungeon generator in action Click here.

Up next I will be implementing generated levels into the client & server and laying down basic floors for players to walk around on. Once this is started I need to come up with ways to design the levels. Walls, doors, corners, textures, and doodads, whatever makes it look like a real level. I don’t think the code here will be too complicated, but finding art assets that look good might be pretty difficult. If you are a modeller or artist interested in creating assets for Project Peril get in touch 🙂

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