Project Peril’s development is postponed

Published by September 2, 2017 3:20 am Leave your thoughts Category:

A massive amount of labor and resources are required to create a fully fledged secure multiplayer ARPG game. As the solo developer behind Project Peril, I’m looking at another year at least before there is a genuinely decent playable product. Project Peril has been in development for 12 months. I am quite proud of the work that’s gone into it, but unfortunately I can’t continue working in the dark. Therefore, Project Peril has been postponed. I am taking the functional code-base of Project Peril and using it to create a new game that I hope to have a playable prototype of by November. The idea of this new game is to receive publicity and funding which will ultimately allow me to pick up where Project Peril left off and hire a team of developers to put together a real studio. If this new game happens to succeed then it may become my primary focus of attention.

More information on my new game will be announced in the following weeks.

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